Fit, Fab and Focused… A Foodie’s Journey to Health and Fitness

I am N Jay Bee, a bonafide foodie who loves to cook and is learning to love fitness. My journey started in 2011 when I realized that I could no longer eat what I want and maintain a healthy weight and size. 4 years away from turning 40 and my steady size 8 seemed to turn into sizes 12 & 14 overnight. Call it vanity or just getting tired of trying on larger sizes when shopping in department stores, I knew that I needed to make some changes. I was introduced to running by a good friend who suggested I start out by using the Couch to 5K app on my smartphone. I was reluctant at first because I’d always considered myself “allergic to running” with the exception of short bursts on the basketball court! But, being that I had reached a plateau in my weight loss, I was willing to give it a try. That was in mid-June. By early September of the same year, I’d run my first official 5K race and decided, I could do this!

Fast forward 2 years and several 10Ks and half marathons later, I completed my first full marathon! I am a 2013 NYC Marathon finisher! Running 3-4 times a week and strength training twice a week did wonders for my body. My diet improved somewhat, but I’m a carb addict who loves cheese and bacon. And what goes best with cheese and bacon??? Burgers and wine! I tried for many years to outexercise my unhealthy indulgence and it finally caught up to me, especially when I had to scale back on running due to foot issues. So what is a carb-loving foodie to do??? Make better decisions regarding my diet and find other ways to stay fit. So, here we are… Welcome to the FitFabandFocused community! This is a space I’ve established to provide support, encouragement, food and fitness tips and a whole lot more! I’m looking for company on this journey; the more, the merrier, so please come along for the ride!!!



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