Why are you still buying tomato sauce…


IMG_2526…when you can make your own??? I decided that buying tomato sauce was too costly and too unhealthy. Did you know that there can be sometimes as much as 10 g of sugar per 1/2 cup serving in store-bought tomato sauce? Don’t get me wrong; that stuff from Ragu and Prego tastes great, but there are a lot of additives that are not necessary, especially when you can make a 7-cup batch and freeze whatever you don’t plan on using within a week. Why would citric acid need to be added for “tartness”? Aren’t tomatoes acidic and tart enough? I’m just saying…I know what some of you store-bought sauce addicts are thinking. “It’s just tomato sauce, how bad can it be?” Or, “Aintnobodygottime to be making their own sauce when Prego’s on sale for 2 for $5 at the local neighborhood supermarket.” I am not going to go into the…

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