Fit, Fab and Focused…

That’s me! At least it’s what I try to be! I am trying to do my best with this healthy eating and fitness thing, but I need your help! I’m looking for some folks who need help with remaining fit, fab and focused, too! I have been a part of some fitness groups on Facebook and I know how much it has helped me stay on track (and get right back up again after I fall off!) Because, I DO.  And, more often than I’d like.

See, I’m what you might call, a BONAFIDE FOODIE!!! I love to cook and love to eat even more. I’ve tried for too long to “outexercise” a decent, but sometimes just-too-damn-bad diet. I don’t drink enough water and I like bread (and wine, cheese, bacon, cookies, cake pops and donuts…) I also like to travel. A lot. And when I travel, all bets are off and all foods (the good, bad and ugly) are eaten!

So, who else out there wants to be part of a supportive, non-judgmental community centered around improving health and increasing fitness? I know I’m not alone! I believe that accountability helps keep us honest with ourselves and others. Health and wellness groups inspire me to do well and they also help me to check myself before I wreck myself and have ONE TOO MANY Krispy Kreme donuts! On this website, I am going to be completely open about my victories (both scale and non-scale) and failures. I am going to do my best to encourage you and I hope and pray that I will receive the same positivity from you.

Check in from time to time so that you can follow my food and fitness journey! I am going to share tons of recipes with you, mostly tasty but healthy stuff. But… because I am being so open, I’m also going to include recipes that are better suited for cheat meals.  We will definitely talk fitness because although it accounts for 20% of a healthy lifestyle, it is still important. Ain’t nobody got time to be looking 20 years older when we can just spend 30 minutes a day, five times a week to stay fit and fab! Feel me? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

So, if you’re down with the cause, start by liking the page on Facebook and get your friends to join Club FitFabandFocused!

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